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Business Process Management (BPM) is an integrated approach to aligning the key activities of an organization into processes and decisions you can consistently measure to optimize value to your organization, and your end customers.

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Top 5 open-source Java frameworks...

Top 5 Open-Source Java FrameworksWhen it comes to developing web applications using Java, writing all the code from scratch has its advantages if you're trying to master a new technology, but for real life web applications, you have to go for a framework as many expert developers would agree.
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Wirelessly Transfer and Share files between your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch even PC and Android devices

DropboxSave any file in your Dropbox whether you are on your computer, or your mobile device, it will store it in the cloud and sync it to all of your devices such as your PC, Mac, Linux PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, even devices running on Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry!
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Get Safari for Windows 5.1.7 here

Apple silently discontinued the development of Safari for Windows, and the last version of Safari they have ever released for Windows is 5.1.7. There's no direct link to download Safari for Windows from Apple's web site either, but Maclord has good news...
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  • See an example of parsing JSON objects containing exchange rates for certain currencies and displaying them on a web page using Java Server Faces 2.1 and PrimeFaces 2.2 which is a rich-component framework for JSF adding AJAX and Web 2.0 capabilities to your web application.
    7 May 2012 A Simple JSF Tutorial with PrimeFaces and JSON Object Parsing in Java

  • Tired of "hello world" tutorials or tutorials taking you only as far as user login and registration examples? Here's an intermediate-level end-to-end tutorial which teaches how to make a blog CMS application using JBoss Seam incorporating JSF (w/Facelets), Hibernate JPA, and how to deploy it to Apache Tomcat web server.
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  • Need HTTP server for your WAS?
    5 December 2014 Download IHS (Part 1)
    Download IHS (Part 2
    Download IHS (Part 3