Other Websites by Ozar

Arcler Website Screenshot


A UK-based IT consulting and software services company that sponsored the design, coding and the hosting of this website. Arcler is also a reseller of Navicat database design, development and utility software which you can get often with lower rates than the market.

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All Systems GO

Going by the tagline "A few of the things made or done by Gökhan Ozar", All Systems GO (i.e. memoirs of an tech pro and author) is the website featuring information about his professional activities, noteworthy publications, and a "tech(ie)" blog.

Screenshot of Entek Website

Entek Industrial Training

Provider of both technical trainings and training equipment to businesses in the manufacturing industry that focus on automation and technology, Entek also produces training kits for training providers, schools as well as training departments of factories.

Screenshot of DNC Website

DNC Bilişim (IT Services)

Since 2015, DNC IT Services provides hardware, software, networking (LAN & WAN), and Internet services for computers, game consoles, and servers applying its corporate know-how, experience, and reliability in IT services.