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Generated MVC Code

After you select a database table and the residing columns, CodeIgniter Wizard generates the following code files:

  • Entity classes
  • Model classes
  • Controller Classes
  • Form view files
  • List (grid) views files
  • Admin Dashboard and Auth templates
  • Auth Files
  • Translation files

You can then take the generated web app as a code-base to build upon with your custom development or scrape parts of the generated code for reuse in another application since the generated code is especially clean, portable and reusable.

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Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CodeIgniter Wizard?

It is a relational database-driven PHP code generator which reads your MySQL database tables and columns, presents you with some options to determine which ones to include, how to interpret them, and then quickly creates a working web application with full CRUD functionality using CodeIgniter 4.x framework complete with entity models, views and controllers (even entities) and a Bootstrap 4-based CSS layout. The generated code is secure, clean, highly re-usable and quite portable.

What can I use CodeIgniter Wizard for?

CodeIgniter Wizard is currently most suitable for developing the basis for administrative control panels for back-ends such as custom CMS, or any database-driven records keeping and management application. However the generated entity-models can be used for any type of application including the end user-facing front-end layer, therefore saving an considerable amount of time in addition to the backend development.

Furthermore, since form design and validation is one of the most tedius and time-consuming tasks, the highly re-usable code generated by CodeIgniter Wizard for this can be used elsewhere - inside or outside the application.

Another use case might be that in case you are new to CodeIgniter and want to learn it by examining code written with good practices, CodeIgniter Wizard can add great value to your learning process with.

Similarly CI 3 developers who want the port their code base, but are unfamiliar with CI 4 can benefit a great deal from CodeIgniter Wizard.

Another great use of CI Wizard is creating custom CMS backends.

How is CodeIgniter Wizard different from other code generators?

Although there were none that we know of for specifically CI 4 (on any platform, let alone Macs) at the time of developing version 1.x of CodeIgniter Wizard, code generators out there usually create some code sufficient enough to get the basic CRUD operations done in a cryptic way, not necessarily providing a very elegant UX, and their code usually relies on some kind of heavy-weight custom library (even many of which are like framework-in-a-framework) and the code they generate is usually not portable elsewhere.

In contrast, CodeIgniter Wizard generates pretty standard and highly portable code which doesn't really have any 3rd party dependency.

How much time can CodeIgniter Wizard save?

We measured that an average web developer can develop between 1 and 3 web application modules (being not so simple, not too advanced either) in a work day - that has more than, say, five fields (for the model, form, table view columns), and at least one foreign key relationship - excluding time spent on bugs and refinements after doing other modules. (Entity model, controller and views are meant by a module).

CodeIgniter Wizard performs the same work in about less than ten minutes including user's interaction in the GUI to point-and-select fields and customize form controls depending on data types.


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Check Out the Sample App Created with CodeIgniter Wizard

We’ve created a sample web application driven from a sample database with joined tables, called "Countries Cities People DB"! You can try it out yourself on the web, even view every bit of its source code on GitHub.

See CodeIgniter Wizard in Action

Watch the End-to-End Demo (2022)

You will be amazed with the attention to detail!