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Tool for no-code to low-code rapid PHP web application development from developer to developer, as well as solution for web search productivity and optimization.

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Tech books authored by Ozar from 'programming for beginners' (currently only in Turkish) to MySQL database development, administration, and management using Navicat (in English).

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Drop All MySQL/MariaDb Tables

DBA if DBs were analogue

Dive into our tutorial for a seamless approach to dropping tables in MySQL/MariaDB schemas. From command-line intricacies to scripted solutions, manage foreign-key constraints effortlessly. Safeguard your data with proper backups, ensuring a trouble-free database management experience.

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Data Modeling w/Navicat

Database Modeling in Navicat

Navicat comes with an incredibly responsive and elegant user interface design with improved usability, and it has been enabling users to get a visually appealing and semantically precise data models from their databases for almost a decade now.Released in November 2019, Navicat 15 (and Data Modeler 3.0) has some nice surprises in store, with an even more improved data modeling capability. You can now design generic data models and then convert them for a specific database platform.

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Migrating CI3 to CI4

Migrating CI 3 to CI  4

Explore the step-by-step migration process from CodeIgniter3 to CodeIgniter4, touching upon controllers, models, views, and routes. The tutorial also introduces the CodeIgniter Wizard, a significant time-saving tool for Mac users that automates CI4 code generation through reverse-engineering of existing databases, streamlining the migration process.

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Entities vs Models in CI4


In many popular programming frameworks that use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigms and are database-driven using an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, entities and models are considered to be interchangeable terms referring to a class that represents a data entity in the database. However, CodeIgniter 4.x introduces a clear separation between entities and models - using two separate classes.

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