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A Step-by-Step Tutorial for a CI3-toCI4 Upgrade

How to Migrate a CodeIgniter 3 Web App to CodeIgniter 4

A Step-by-Step Tutorial for a CI3-toCI4 Upgrade

published on 9 Jul 2023 in CodeIgniter PHP

Explore the step-by-step migration process from CodeIgniter3 to CodeIgniter4, touching upon controllers, models, views, and routes. The tutorial also introduces the CodeIgniter Wizard, a significant time-saving tool for Mac users that automates CI4 code generation through reverse-engineering of existing databases, streamlining the migration process.

Understanding the Fundamental Concepts of Data Models of CI4

The Difference Between Entities and Models in CodeIgniter4.x

Understanding the Fundamental Concepts of Data Models of CI4

published on 26 Mar 2023 in CodeIgniter PHP

In many popular programming frameworks that use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigms and are database-driven using an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system, entities and models are considered to be interchangeable terms referring to a class that represents a data entity in the database. However, CodeIgniter 4.x introduces a clear separation between entities and models - using two separate classes.

CodeIgniter Wizard 2 updated with features better than ever

CodeIgniter Wizard 2 Is Here

With Long Awaited New Features Like Auth, File Uploads, I18n, Data Export, and More...

published on 3 Sep 2022 in CodeIgniter Web Development PHP Mac Apps

CodeIgniter Wizard 2.0.2 has been released with a large number new features added to the application, the time needed for demos increased at least ten-fold. Authentication & authorization, secure file uploads for the end user, automatic image resizing post-uploads, language localization and translation in the GUI with the ability to add unlimited number of languages and locales. Also subtle features such as auto-generation of slugs, UUIDs for primary keys, and more...

How to Deploy a CodeIgniter 4 Project to Production

Taking Your CodeIgniter 4 App Live: A Detailed Guide

published on 5 May 2022 in CodeIgniter Web Development PHP

This article describes the common steps needed for your CodeIgniter 4 project to get ready for production deployment. Although CodeIgniter Wizard is extensively mentioned throughout article, the solutions described here can be applied to almost any CodeIgniter4 project. CodeIgniter Wizard creates Composer-based CI4 projects with the base framework libraries and files residing in the vendor directory and it includes the .env, composer.json and composer.lock files in the root of …

CodeIgniter Wizard v1.6 release following v.1.5 and v.1.5.1

You might not know what we did last summer...

published on 21 Jul 2021 in Mac Apps PHP Web Development

In June 2021, several version updates have been made for CodeIgniter Wizard. The maintenance release development was so intense that we were late to update our blog to announce them one-by-one.Here is a breakdown of all updates of CodeIgniter Wizard published in the Mac App Store in July: This version brings various improvements and bug fixes includingBrought back the ability to generate code output outside the Downloads folder with the manual handling option of disk write permissio...