CodeIgniter Wizard version 1.4.4

CodeIgniter Wizard 1.4.4 Released

Including Support for CodeIgniter 4.1.3

published on 22 May 2021 in

CodeIgniter 1.4.4 released to support CodeIgniter 4.1.2 (new framework version), also bringing a number of other improvements. When creating a new web application, you can now select CodeIgniter 4.1.2 (which is now the new default), 4.1.1, or 4.0.4 (especially if you somehow need to support PHP 7.2)  from the framework pop-up menu. A new cool feature allows the users instantly change the framework version of existing applications...

PHP 8 on macOS 11 with HomeBrew

How to Install PHP 8 to macOS Big Sur Using Homebrew

As part of preparing a local development environment for CodeIgniter Wizard

published on 24 Feb 2021 in

In this tutorial, we'll install the latest version of PHP using Homebrew on macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11. This PHP installation features a rich set of extensions and libraries, including those required by version 4 of the CodeIgniter framework.In the previous tutorial, we've already installed Homebrew on a fresh copy of macOS Big Sur.Now in the Mac Terminal app, I'll simply type: brew install php in the command prompt, and then hit the return key. In this process, my user account...

CodeIgniter Wizard version 1.1 screenshot

Introducing CodeIgniter Wizard

A New Powerful PHP CRUD Code Generator for macOS

published on 16 Sep 2020 in

CodeIgniter Wizard is a relational database-driven PHP code generator and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for the Mac which reads your MySQL database tables and columns, presents you with some options to determine which ones to include, how to interpret them, and then quickly creates a working web application with full CRUD functionality based on version 4.x of the CodeIgniter framework. And the wizard creates all the necessary MVC classes with layout and view files.