CodeIgniter Wizard version 1.4.4

CodeIgniter Wizard 1.4.4 Released

Including Support for CodeIgniter 4.1.3

CodeIgniter 1.4.4 released to support CodeIgniter 4.1.2 also bringing a number of various improvements and bug fixes.

published on 22 May 2021 in Development on macOS PHP Web Development

While development was active on some new awesome features  for version 1.5, the release of version 4.1.3 of the CodeIgniter framework drove the publishing of a new update for CodeIgniter Wizard to support it.

When creating a new web application, you can now select CodeIgniter 4.1.2 (which is now the new default), 4.1.1, or 4.0.4 (especially if you somehow need to support PHP 7.2)  from the framework pop-up menu.

A new cool feature allows the users instantly change the framework version of existing applications using a similar pop-up menu.

As of this version, MySQL's "JSON" column type has now support for creating <textarea> fields in generated forms.

Along the way, a few bugs were fixed.

Here is a breakdown of what changed with this new version:

  • Added support for the new, version 4.1.2 of the CodeIgniter framework.
  • Added ability to switch framework version for existing,  generated applications (via an intuitive pop-up menu).
  • Instead of <input type="text">, <textarea>s will now be chosen by default for form field generation when the corresponding DB column in MySQL / MariaDB is of JSON-type (which can still be changed by the user to some other input).
  • A few other improvements and minor bug fixes for a smoother experience.
  • CodeIgniter's own changelog:
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  • careem
    Wow, that was fast! Thanks for integrating the latest version of the framework so soon.
    • Ozar
      We are pleased when our customers are pleased! ;-)