About CodeIgniter Wizard

The Ultimate PHP Web App and C.R.U.D. Code generator for Mac

Shortly called CI Wiz, CodeIgniter Wizard is the ultimate Rapid Application Development utility for PHP code generation.

After being shown the database table columns to be used, CodeIgniter Wizard generates the following code files:

  • Entity classes
  • Model classes
  • Controller Classes
  • Form view files
  • List (grid) views files
  • Admin & Dashboard template

The developer can then take the generated web app as a code-base to build upon with custom development or scrape parts of it for reuse in another application since the generated code is especially clean, portable and reusable.

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About Ozar

The Maker of CodeIgniter Wizard

Ozar is a software development and services provider founded by Gökhan Ozar with expertise in Java, .NET and Apple platforms respectively, using programming languages such as Java, C#, Swift, PHP, JavaScript and Python.

Ozar provides digital products, software services, training, eLearning course-ware in programming, IT, language skills improvement, as well as translation services.

Gökhan Ozar's own website and blog called 'All Systems GO' is on a subdomain of Home All Systems GO

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CodeIgniter Wizard is available on the Mac App Store. You can get your own license directly from Apple to use it on your Mac computer now.